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Eight Directions of Vastu Shastra

Eight Directions of Vastu Shastra 

The entire universe rests in an endless space which has no directions. The sun, the stars and several other planets like the earth and the moon are revolving and rotating in this the real space in their respective orbits, due to their own gravitational forces Sun is a star closure to the earth and emits light and heat to the humanity whereby we are able to live and feel the presence and direction of the objects.

An intermediate direction is formed when two directions converge and make an angle. These intermediate directions are more important in the sense that they have in them the effects of both the directions which make an angle in the formation of that intermediate direction.
As per the science of Vaasthu all the eight directions have their own respective influences on the human beings.
  • North is the maternal side. If it is nor keep vacant the house will become a desert due to female mortality and remains as a house without a female member.
  • West beings progress, elevation and fame.
  • Northeast (Eesanya) ensures continuity of lineage through able male progeny. In case the northeast is cut off there can be no male children in the family.
  • East is called the paternal side. If the vacant space in east is covered completely the house becomes an ownerless property i.e. the male head of the family would die.
  • Southeast or Agneya begets health.
  • South brings prosperity, happiness and tranquility.
  • Northwest (Vayuvya) governs relations with others which may very from cordiality to hostility.
  • Southwest (Nairuthi) is responsible for attitude, behaviour and premature mortality.

A Genral observation of all the eight directions reveals the effects on the residents of the house.

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