Tuesday, 9 July 2013

How Vastu Shastra Works

How Vastu works

Vastu works on three principles of design that cover the entire premise. The first one is Bhogadyam, which says that the designed premise must be useful and lend itself to easy application. The second is Sukha Darsham, in which the designed premise must be aesthetically pleasing. The proportions of the spaces and the material used, in the interiors and exteriors of the building - ornamentation, colour, sizes of the windows, doors and the rooms and the rhythms of projection and depressions - should be beautiful. The third principle is Ramya, where the designed premise should evoke a feeling of well being in the user.

Vastu Shastra, in addition, also says what kinds of plants and trees are good for the family residing in the building.

It is believed that if a house is built on these few rules, then that particular house will never face serious health and money problems and the family members will live in harmony.



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