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The Truth about Vastu Shastra - Questions and Answers

The Truth about Vastu Shastra - Questions and Answers 

QUESTION Is it important to check the Vastu of the House before buying or after buying. ?
ANSWER It is advisable to get the house audited by a Qualified Vastu Master before buying so that the there is no need for any major changes to be done later on. But if you already have a house and you are living in it then too its equally important to get it inspect by a Qualified Vastu Master who will guide you with his knowledge on how to keep the energies in the house proportionally balanced thus providing you with a better quality of life and enhanced success.

QUESTION  How can Vastu cure negative energies and promote happiness?.
Vastu can definitely cure negative energy and promote happiness. These ancient and valuable sciences aim at generation, accumulation and flow of Positive energy through correct placement of objects and balancing your house or shop with the help of various Cures, symbols and remedies ( crystals , wind-chimes , pictures ..  Etc ) thus promoting happiness.

QUESTION Does Vastu really work or is it just a psychological satisfaction?
YES. Vastu  is not a farce but a SCIENCE. The rules of Vastu  are truth and laid down many thousand years ago. And you will be surprised to know that as per The Ramayana the complete city of Ayodhaya was designed and constructed by MANU a leading architect of that time in full conformity as per the principles of Vastu-Shastra. Vastu-Shastra also has references in the period of Gautham BUDDHA and also the ROMAN EMPIRE.
Even U.S. companies like Chase Manhattan Bank and Citibank, with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, have had to build their offices according to the principles of Feng-Shui before local employees would agree to work in the buildings  “

QUESTION Can Vastu help me sell any house or piece of land fast and at a better price?
ANSWER. Absolutely. A Qualified Vastu consultant can definitely help you dispose your assets fast. Please contact me for further details and charges.

QUESTION Can Vastu help me win a Lottery?
ANSWER    Depends. Vastu aim’s at generation, accumulation and flow of Positive energy in the house, shop or any piece of land. Good Vastu  increase your chances of SUCCESS.

QUESTION  How can Vastu help me in business?
ANSWER    Vastu increase your chance of business success and minimize problems by following good Vastu principles. Shops, which have small passages and doorways, will have trouble attracting the right employees and customers. Leaking plumbing and electrical problems in an office also negatively impact the company's finances and the health of workers and employees. Correct Position of the Proprietors / Chairman’s office, Position of Accounts department etc play a very important role in promoting the success of the business as per Vastu. Many large corporations have actively practiced Vastu through the years thus achieving stupendous growth and success.

QUESTION Can I have a fish tank in my living room for wealth and success?
ANSWER No. Fish tank cannot be placed where you like., it is not advisable to have a fish tank in your living room. Please check with a Qualified Vastu Master before placing a Fish tank in the house.

QUESTION Is it good to have a main door facing another main door ?
ANSWER : Its Not advisable to have 2 doors opposite each other . Also there should Not be any Well or Tall Trees opposite the main Door.

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