Monday, 16 January 2017

Vastu Planning - Planing of House as Per Vastu Shastra By Vastu Expert Amit Lamba

Bed Room Vastu : The master bedrooms should be in the Southwest corner of the house or the South or the South East Corner. If the house has more than one floor, then it should be on the top-most floor. The ceiling should be level, this makes the energy of the room uniform, which in turn gives one a steady state of mind. Children’s room should be in the northwest or west side. To have a better concentration they should have a separate study close to their bedrooms. Kitchen: The ideal place is the southeast corner of the building or a kitchen in the west of the building can also be tolerated.

Study Room Vastu : The best locations for this room are the north, west, northwest, east, and northeast. These directions attract the positive effects of Mercury for increasing brain power, Jupiter for increasing wisdom, Sun for increasing ambition and Venus helps in bringing about creativity in new thoughts and ideas.
Dining room Vastu : The dining room and kitchen should be on the same floor and it should be adjacent to the kitchen from the left. The entrance to the dining room and the main door should not be facing each other. The best Shape of a Dining Table is Round or Oval. 

Bathrooms Vastu : Bathrooms and toilets should be Never be adjacent or Near  to the northeast corner. They should never be constructed in the center North , North East .
Best Direction of the Bathroom as Per Vastu is North-West Section of the House. 

Drawing Room Vastu : It should always be constructed towards the north or East . The rooms located in the northern part of the house should be bigger in size as that compared to the rooms in the southern part of the house. They should be shorter to them in height by one to three inches. This is an important rule of Vastu Shastra. Furniture should be square or rectangular in shape.

Store Room Vastu : If essential then the store room should be constructed in the southern part of the building, otherwise grain and other provisions can be stored in the kitchen or in other rooms and cupboards. Things should not be stored in diwans and box beds because it affects the magnetic environment of the self and the room causing sleeping disorders. Waste Storage: Daily wastes from the kitchen should be kept covered in the southwest corner of the kitchen.

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