Monday, 16 January 2017

Vastu Shastra Free Tips For Restaurants and Hotels

Vastu Shastra Free Tips For Restaurants and Hotels.
  • As per Vastu A Restaurant or Hotel Should always be  square or rectangle Shaped.
  • The main entrance of a restaurant should always be in east, north or north-eastern directions.
  • The storage room for a restaurant should be built in the south-west corner of the building.
  • AC plant should preferably be installed in the south-eastern corner.
  • Electrical equipments such as generator, transformer and The Kitchen of the Restaurant should be placed in the south-east Side of the Restaurant .
  • Its Best Recommended to have a Fish Tank / or a Similar Water Feature in the North East of the Restaurant . This Ensures all year round Prosperity .
  • Also Washbasin can also be in the north-eastern or the North  portion of the restaurant. 
  • The  placement of the kitchen of the Restaurant is of the Prime Importance and Its Only Allowed in the SOUTH EAST SIDE of the restaurant .
  • Its Best Recommended that the Cooks should face the East Side while cooking.
  • The staff at reception should sit facing North or the East Direction .
  • The North-east Side of the Restaurant should be kept clean and tidy to attract positive energy.
  • Toilets should be located in north-west or in the western direction of the restaurant.

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