Monday, 16 January 2017


WATER FOUNTAIN = As per the Science of Vastu & Feng-Shui water especially moving water , Brings prosperity and Good Luck.  Moving water Activates “chi”  or More
commonly , it is called ENERGY . Having a Water Near the Door activates the energies of the Door .  ( If you Notice Most of the Successful offices / restaurants and Homes have a Fish tank , or a Water Fountain near the Door ) .  THUS , bringing in more Prosperity through the Door.
Important Tips =
  • Always remember if you put a Water Fountain , The Direction of  Water should always be inside the Home or Office .
  • There Should be No Water Fountain or a Fish Tank in the Bedroom, This will Affect your Health very badly and also affect Sleep .
  • Best areas in any Home or Office  to have your Water  fountain are:
      EAST  = Water in the East  help you in terms of  Health & Improve
                    Family  Life .

NORTH = Water in the North  , brings in Better  Career opportunities. 

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